A Family In Front Of Their New Home In One Of The Top-rated Neighborhoods In Alexandria.

Top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria, VA for young families

We are about to show you some of the top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria, Virginia that can be a perfect place for you to raise your family. Things like safety, prices, schools, and many others were taken into consideration before picking a few. Picking one will be hard for you but surely you will manage. Before we start exploring the neighborhoods we would like to tell you why this can be such a great decision for you.

Alexandria, Virginia

This city is located south of Washington. In fact, Southern Living named it one of the” South’s Best Cities” for the Year 2020. The cost of living in this area is a little more expensive than the national average. Alexandria has a lot to offer to history buffs (you can learn so much here) and environment enthusiasts.

The only downside is that the nightlife is not as exciting as it is in Washington DC. But let’s be honest – for young families nightlife is not as big a factor as it is for students for example. Safety is much more important and you will be glad to see that this city has low crime rates comparing it to others this size. Why compare it to others of the same size? Well the bigger the city, the bigger the crime rates. You cant expect the same rates in a small suburb and in NYC. But this is not important right now. What is important is that living and raising your family here can be great for you and your kids. Now we can see some of those neighborhoods in Alexandria.

Parents taking their little daughter for a walk in one of the top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria.
This can be a great place for your family.

Our first choice – Alexandria West

This is one of the popular places in Virginia. In this neighborhood, you will see tree-lined avenues and some amazing Colonial and even ranch-style homes. Luckily that’s not all, for those who like to be near nature you will have big and amazing green spaces. This is where you can get your fresh air and really enjoy Alexandria’s weather. If you are worried about schools you should know that well-regarded elementary schools like William Ramsay and John Adams are just one of the many. For kids, you have several parks and playgrounds. If you have older kids, this neighborhood also has a great college so this is our first pick and this is where you should start your research. Before we head ou to the next neighborhood we need to mention another great thing about this one – it’s affordable. We will leave it at that.

Landmark-Van Dorn

This is one of Alexandria’s most budget-friendly neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to forgo any conveniences. Dog parks, green areas, some pretty amazing local restaurants, and even exotic food markets can all be found in the neighborhood. The schools are great here as well since that was our first factor when deciding on the best neighborhoods in Alexandria for young families. In fact, some consider this city to be one of the best college towns among other things. Landmark-Van Dorn is located on Alexandria’s west side, but it’s just a short drive to reach any part of the city. You can just use I-495, I-395, or VA-236.

Three young people sitting on the stairs and talking.
Students love this neighborhood as well.

Eisenhower East – another one among the top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria

Eisenhower East, a small but pretty active neighborhood on Alexandria’s east side, is full of fashionable flats and condos that many young and hip families like. Metro station is just a few steps away, making this a great place for young professionals and those looking for work in Alexandria. Besides raising kids we also need to work even if it gets hard sometimes right? That’s why it’s smart to find a place where you can be near some great job opportunities. This is o One of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city and yet housing is still reasonably priced. If after some serious research you decide that this is just the place for you and your family, you should call Zippy Shell Northern Virginia to help you to get to your new neighborhood.

Old Town North

Alexandria’s Old Town is a renowned tourist destination, but Old Town North offers a safer and more economical choice for those who want to live in the city rather than merely visit. We noticed that many young families enjoy this neighborhood and that’s why it’s on our list.  Restored rowhouses, quaint coffee shops, and family-run restaurants are just part of the charm of this neighborhood.  There are also several major parks in Old Town North, and the Potomac River runs along its eastern side. In other words, despite the fact that everything in Old Town and Washington, DC are within a 20-minute drive, locals simply don’t have the urge to venture out very often. You will find here everything you need and now you can start thinking about how to save some money on your upcoming relocation.

Choosing between the top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria we just showed you

Choosing between the top-rated neighborhoods in Alexandria we just showed you is going to be extremely hard. But we showed you the best out of the best and now it’s up to you to continue the research. When you do that and find your new home maybe you can ask experts to assist you? Hiring professionals is often the best way to approach relocations.

Two young girls packing for relocation
Now, let’s start packing!

Settling in

Movers will be able to help you with this task. Unpacking and settling in is often the hardest part and if it gets too hard for you – you know who to call. We showed you where to look for your new home and they can get you there and settle you in. Good luck with your journey and hopefully soon enough you will be enjoying everything Alexandria and its neighborhoods have to offer.