Salinas, Ca Is A Perfect Place For Students

Top reasons why Salinas, CA is a perfect place for students

California is a beautiful state and many people seem to want to live there. Especially young people. The reasons why are endless. Some just want to live in a warm state where there are lots of beautiful beaches. Plenty of people move to California because finding a well-paying job is easier than in some other places. But the majority of people moving to California are students who want to get good college education. If you are one of them, you will want to know more about Salinas. Salinas is a small town located South of San Jose. And it is surrounded by 12 colleges! All of them are different and have different things to offer to their students. There are some other towns in this area, not just Salinas, but Salinas is by far the most perfect place for students. If you want to know more about it and just why moving here is a good idea and why exactly Salinas, Ca is a perfect place for students, you are in the right place! Here are just a couple of the top reasons why moving to Salinas is a good idea if you are moving to California for college.

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Salinas is surrounded by colleges

One of the first reasons why Salinas is the perfect place for students is the fact that you have lots of options when it comes to what you can study. There are twelve different colleges located near Salinas which is why so many students already live here. If you want to know just which colleges are in the area, here are some of the best of them:

  • University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
  • Monterey Peninsula College
  • Hartnell College
  • California State University-Monterey Bay
  • Central Coast College.
College University in CA.
There are some amazing colleges located near Salinas.

Some of these colleges are the best colleges in CA. A lot of students who are enrolled in these colleges live in Salinas. But why Salinas out of all the towns that are nearby? There are plenty of reasons.

Nice homes

If you will be renting a home while in college, it is best to live somewhere where you will get the best deal for your money. And Salinas can offer you just that. Homes in Salinas are very nice and renting them does not require a lot of money. And this was one of the first things that started attracting so many young people here. Now, there are plenty of people who rent out homes to students for small prices as they were once students renting a home for not a lot of money. Once you find a home you can afford and want to live in, you should turn to specialists nearby to help you relocate and make this process completely stress-free.


Living somewhere affordable is very important for college students as they generally do not have a lot of money. College students should be more focused on their studies rather than on their earnings. This is why living in a more affordable city is what we recommend. And if you are looking for such a place, Salinas is the place for you!

Salinas really isn’t that expensive considering where it is located and just how the town looks. When compared to other towns in the area, Salinas is the least expensive. Even when it comes to housing, the prices are lower. This is what attracts a lot of young people here.

Students studying.
Students should be more focused on their studies rather than work.

Good community

As this is a small town, everybody knows everybody. And this is why the community in Salinas is very close. This creates a perfect environment for students as it is much safer to live in such a city than a big city where you do not know anybody around you. A lot of students who lived in small towns prefer to stay living in small towns and for them, Salinas is the perfect option. Moving to Salinas from anywhere is easy with the help of

Two young people.
You will be able to meet people easily since Salina, Ca is a perfect place for students.

There are plenty of things you can do in Salinas

Not only is Salinas a place where you will get good education and live safely but you will also have just what to do here. Salinas is a very fun city. As it has been a college town for decades, there are plenty of places for students to have some fun. This is one of the best places to move to on your own since you won’t feel as lonely here. There are three big malls where you can buy anything you desire. Lots of locally-owned stores are to be found in Salinas as well. The pricing is reasonable so shopping is not going to be stressful for you as a student as you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Salinas is a very green town which is another reason why it is a perfect place for students. By this we mean that there are lots of parks and green spaces. Living surrounded by such beautiful nature is not only healthy for the body but for the mind and soul as well. And as student life can be stressful, living in such an environment can make a lot of things easier.

There are also plenty of amazing restaurants with good food that do not cost a lot of money. And we cannot forget to tell you about some good bars in Salinas. Going out is definitely going to be fun as this is a city where a lot of young people live. Salinas, Ca is a perfect place for students because of all the opportunities for a great and healthy social life. So, make sure to try out the well-known recipe.