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Top tips for students moving from the US to Belgium

Being a student is for many people the best period of their lives. You are young and free, and you can do whatever you want to, and move to any place you want. Many students that are from the United States want to experience their student lives in Europe. And most of them choose Belgium as a place to live. But, in addition, to get there, you need top tips for students that are moving from the US to Belgium, because without them, you won’t be able to get there. You cannot manage to do this overnight, so start on time. And do one step at a time, don’t try to skip anything. There are many things to know when moving as a student, and you will need all the information that you can get. Get ready, you are going to experience the best student life.

Before moving from the US to Belgium, apply for the scholarship

The biggest step and the one that is the most important is the application for the university. If you don’t get accepted, you won’t be able to relocate at all. Now, the application process varies from person to person, and it is different due to different situations students can be in. If you want to apply for an exchange program, you have to do that through your university. Also, if you are already a student in the States, but you want to transfer to Belgium, you must contact their university directly and see what the procedure is like. 

However, if you are still not a student, and you are applying for one for the first time, you need to apply directly to Belgium universities. Make sure that you know when the deadline is, so you don’t miss it. In the meantime, while you do this, make sure that you go on so you see the options for the move itself.

One of the top tips for students moving from the US to Belgium is to inform themselves about the country.
Find all the top tips for students that are moving from the US to Belgium.

Once you get accepted, it is time for the documentation

As soon as you get the positive news and you get your letter of acceptance, it is time to work on the documents. Now, many people believe that just because you have US citizenship, you don’t need any documents. Well, this is not the case. First, you will have to work on your visa. Student visas are very easy to get, especially when you have proof from your university. But the problem is the time you have to wait for it. Try to do this as soon as possible, so you don’t wait forever to get a visa. In the meantime, you should check with the Belgian government what kind of other documents you will need, so you can prepare them.

Sometimes the documentation process can last quite longer than expected, and you need to be aware of that and prepared for it. It is also very important that if some delays happen, you remind yourself not to give up. All the waiting that you might have will be worth it. And you can do other things while you wait. For instance, start exploring your housing options, because you will need this soon enough. This is another one of the top tips for students that are moving far away from their studies.

Explore the housing options before moving from the US to Belgium

Now, while you wait for your documents, you should check out everything about the housing options in Belgium. To start, you should ask your university if they provide students with some public dormitories. That is, without a doubt, the cheapest option you could find. If you, however, don’t like sharing the bathroom and maybe even a room with someone you don’t know, start searching some apartments for rent. Ask on a forum people to recommend you a website where you can do that. You might even find some people that are in the same situation as you are. Remember that you should also enlist the help of experts. You need to discuss this entire relocation with the movers and see what options you will have.

Stunning view of the river and part of the city in Beligum.
Belgium is beautiful and there is so much to explore.

You should arrive before the start date of your university 

When it is time to buy a plane ticket, one of the top tips for students that are moving is to get there before the start date. Even a month if possible. You will need time to adapt, and it will be kind of trickier to do that if you arrive when university and all the lectures start. Another big advantage of getting there in advance is that you will have a chance to meet new people and friends. You will also have plenty of free time to explore not only the city but the country as well. Also, it is a great way of dealing with homesickness because you have enough time to learn how to overcome it. 

Pack fewer things

You should be aware of the fact that the more things you bring with you, the more expensive this relocation will be. And as a student, it is important to do things in a more affordable way. That is why you must try to pack fewer things than you most likely planned on packing. You will end up buying plenty of things in Belgium as well, and there is no need to bring too many things from your home. You can also buy some essential items once you get there.

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Do as much as you can while you are there.

Don’t say no to adventures

When you are a student, you are free almost all the time. And this means that you will have so many opportunities to go on different adventures. It is very important to do and see as much as you can. Don’t say no to any of the adventures that you have the possibility of doing. When it comes to the top tips for students that are moving from the US to Belgium, this one is the most important one. Experience your student life in the best way possible. You will remember it for the rest of your life.