Mirror And Drawer That Proves That Packing Mirrors For College Relocation Is Not Easy Job

Top Tips for Packing Mirrors for College Relocation

Packing mirrors for college relocation is not an easy job. There are a lot of moving companies that will recommend leaving them behind. If you are not sure if they could help you in that, check on movinonmovers.com and listen to their advice.

Could you leave your mirror behind?

There are a lot of reasons to consider leaving the mirror behind when moving.

  • They are obviously fragile, so packing mirrors for college relocation could take much more time and energy than any other packing;
  • Although the company could help in resolving the sort of topics related to moving while in college you cannot expect that they will do it cheap;
  • Mirrors are robust and usually very large, so you should consider or rent a bigger truck for moving it – so packing mirrors for college relocation could be harder than you expected.

Sometimes frames are very expensive and valuable

Packing mirrors for college relocation is specific

Do not expect that you will pack a mirror so easily. It is very fragile, and even with protection, you cannot be sure. You should also protect other parts of the mirror, like frames. After all, if they brake, you can have serious injuries. All of these should be a serious reason to avoid taking a mirror with you.

Consider using a mirror box

The mirror box is an excellent thing to move. Usually, they make it of wood or plastic. They have pallets and frames for paintings and mirrors. You can recommend it and help your new roommate move in. He will be thankful for that help.

Transportation is also essential

No matter how large a transportation vehicle, you should not put a mirror on the bottom of it. The best way to transport it is to put it upfront. Also, turn the mirror to the wall of the truck. It will protect it from damages and scratches.


Try to pack a mirror as protected as you can

Packing mirrors for college relocation includes protecting them

Whatever the reason for taking the mirror with you when moving, you should not do it without proper protection. It is highly essential to wrap mirrors in unique packing material. Also, you should protect the mirror itself. Otherwise, it could end up with small scratches and damages on the glass, so taking of it with you could be worthless.

Do not save on wrapping paper

There are a lot of wrapping materials on the market, so do not keep on it. You should use wrapping paper for protection. It has individual bubbles with the air that additionally protect from damage. In case you do not have it, the simple brown paper could help. Do not use newspaper or any printed paper for it, though. The color and ink could leave marks on the mirror.

Tape X in the center

It is an excellent way to protect and warn people at the same time. Unfortunately, it will not really protect the mirror from broking. The only it could do is to preserve from shattering if the glass broke.


Sometimes mirrors are very large for moving

Protect frames

If your frames are expensive and made of unique materials, you should protect them, too. Do not use tape, though. It is much better to use unusual materials and fabric. However, before packing mirrors for college relocation, determine the value of the mirror. Sometimes it is better to leave them to the new homeowners.