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Should You Transfer to a Different College?

College life is a totally new experience. It is fun, interesting, and of course, stressful. Are you thinking about transferring to another college? You are not the only one, almost all students experience such moments in their education. Before you transfer to a different college and make that big step, be sure about your decision. Is it something you really want?

A college girl thinking should she transfer to a different college.

Don’t worry and be nervous. College life is stressful for all students.

Reasons why to move to another college

Why move from one college to another? What are the good reasons for that call? Some students begin college with the intention to transfer after one year, for example. But, for some, it just happens. If you are transferring for good and reasonable reasons, it should be just fine.

  • If you want to change your majors or you want a stronger program, then that is a good reason to change college. Your school doesn’t have majors you want to study? Transfer then.
  • Needing a challenge is also a good reason to transfer to a different college. If your classes are too easy for you, search for a more difficult program.
  • Unfortunately, some students can’t afford a college they want, so transferring is a must (if you don’t have a scholarship). Some colleges in the US are $50,000 per year.
  • A school location is another reason to consider transferring. For example, you want to be in a place that has a lot of opportunities job and career advancement. Some American cities are perfect for millennials and starting your own business, some less so.
  • If the college is not what you expected or it is not interesting to you, search for different solutions. Maybe you changed your interests, it happens often.

Reasons to stay

There are some reasons that are not enough to transfer to a different college. 99% of students have a hard time, they all feel weird and sometimes they quit. Never give up your education, your entire life depends on it.

  • If you move to a new college, you will need to make new friends. If you have a problem with socializing, this may be a big issue, unfortunately. Starting from the beginning is not enough.
  • If you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, know that this is normal and definitely not a reason to search for a new college. Learn how to deal with it, and stay focused on exams.
  • Sometimes, college is boring and not exciting at all. And wherever you go, the situation will be similar. Instead of transferring, try to find new activities on the campus.
  • Everyone around you seems to feel great, happy, and smart. You are feeling like an outsider? Trust us, all students feel that way even if they don’t look like it. It is not a reason to transfer or to give up after you make friends and adjust to college life, everything will be easier.
  • If you are not satisfied with a dorm room and it is too small for you, think about different options such as renting storage units for students, don’t transfer.
Never give up, a motto written on a board.

If you are having a hard time, don’t give up immediately.

Problems to face when you transfer to a different college

How to prepare and how to decide to move to a different college? Consider these facts, and you will know should you or shouldn’t you transfer.

  • Academic adjustment – some of the courses may be accepted in your new college, but some won’t. In that case, you will probably need to take exams. Research how many credits will be accepted. About 40% of transfer students receive no credit.
  • Making new college friends – create a new social life after transferring. It may be a problem at the beginning and you will maybe feel lonely. Most friendships are made in the first year of college, so it will be a little bit more complicated to find friends after that. But, it is not impossible.
  • Expenses – transfer students take longer to graduate, that means more expenses and student loans. The financial aid package is only covering four years.
  • Packing and unpacking – of course, you will need to pack all your items from a dorm room and to transfer items too. Make sure you have packing supplies such as boxes and wrapping materials.

Hiring a moving company for transferring to a different college

Relocate your items safely. Probably you don’t have enough experience in moving, so having professional help is almost a must. Manhattan relocation has never been easier with movers and packers that are willing to help you. About 25% of students transfer at some point of their education, it is not a small number. There are companies that are specialized in college moves.

Guide to transfer to another college

If you made a decision to start a new life and enroll in a new college, then start with preparing all the documents. The sooner you start, the better it is for you. And easier too. For example, if you want to study in NYC and to continue your education there, organize all documents for transferring and get informed.

A person holding books.

If you decide to transfer to a different college, you will need help and tips.

  • Get letters of recommendations from your college professors, but also letters from high-school professors (it is not required, but it is beneficial). Most professors will be sad because you are leaving, but that doesn’t need to bother you. After all, it is your life and your education.
  • Write down all the deadlines for applying applications for transferring. Send them on time, don’t wait until the last moment. They vary from college to college, so be informed.
  • Ask about financial policies, especially if you have a scholarship. It also varies from college to college, each one of them has different rules and fees.