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 Trendy Atlanta suburbs for young couples

As a couple, you are picky when choosing your new home. Who can blame you? A couple-friendly environment is a must. The area has to have plenty of couples activities and other couples nearby. And if you want to start a family down the line, a family-friendly place. Because you have so many requests, there is no better area to look for neighborhoods for young couples in Georgia than Atlanta. College Moving Deals will tell you about trendy Atlanta suburbs for young couples.

Trendy Atlanta suburbs for young couples – Sandy Springs 

The first Atlanta area we will talk about is Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs is in Fulton County and has around 100,000 residents, according to the 2020 census. 

Activities in Sandy Springs 

Sandy Springs is a quiet suburb with a lot of activities. If you want to get outside with your partner and see some greenery, there are plenty of places in Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs has sixteen parks with 1000 acres of open park spaces. 

One of the best parks in Sandy Springs is Morgan Falls Overlook Park. The best part of Morgan Falls Overlook Park is the view of the Chattahoochee river. But besides the view, there is canoeing, a beautiful picnic table where you can go on the weekend with other couples. And when you decide to have children with your partner, take them to Morgan Falls Overlook Park because it has a great playground. In addition to Morgan Falls Overlook Park, there is Sandy Springs Tennis Center, Hammond Park, Heritage Green, and more. 

The town throws yearly events. There is the Sandy Springs Festival, the biggest event in the suburb. 

Local and regional artists display their work. Bands come from all over the state and play their much. There is a 10K and 5K race. Over 25,000 people visit Sandy Springs during the festival. All the profits from the festival go to Heritage Sandy Springs to preserve the historic significance of Sandy Springs. If you like activities in Sandy Springs, relocate there with your partner. Since you are moving to Georgia, consider hiring Safari Movers Atlanta to help with any relocation tasks. 

people racing, learn about Atlanta suburbs for young couples
Compete with your partner in the race at the Sandy Springs Festival.

Quality of life in Sandy Springs 

By moving to Sandy Springs you will have to pay the premium price to live there. The cost of living is 45% higher than the average of Georgia and 37% higher than the national average. Residents of Sandy Springs pay more for groceries, utilities, and transportation. 

The most expensive thing in Sandy Springs is housing. If you want to buy a home in Sandy Springs, it will cost you around 570,000 dollars. The median home cost in Georgia is 240,000 dollars making homes in Sandy Springs more than 2x more expensive. But if you have the funds, you should buy a home in Sandy Springs. And if it’s your first time living together, learn about moving in together for the first time

Trendy Atlanta suburbs for young couples – Dunwoody 

Dunwoody is one of the Atlanta suburbs for young couples. It is in DeKalb County and has a population of around 50,000 people. 

Activities in Dunwoody

First, we will need to talk about the parks in Dunwoody. The most popular park in Dunwoody is Brook Run Park. Brook Run Park is easily accessible because it has plenty of entrances from all sides. It is a big clean place with areas for hiking and biking. When you have children, there are plenty of kid-friendly areas. But until you are ready to have kids, you can get a dog and walk them in the dog-friendly area of the park. And if you do not want to go to a big park go to Dunwoody Park. But no matter what park you go to in Dunwoody, you can be sure that the city is taking good care of it. 

Besides the parks, Dunwoody has many festivals in the city, and we will talk about the best ones. 

  • First, we have to talk about the Butterfly Experience, made for all ages. But if you do not have kids, you should check Butterflies And Brews, where you can eat delicious food, drink beer and catch a live music show. 
  • Second, check out the Apple Cider Days in history significant Donaldson-Bannister Farm. 
  • Finally, there is the Stage Door Theatre, where you can watch world-class plays with the best theater actors.
close up of blue butterflies
See beautiful butterflies at the butterfly festival in Dunwoody.

If you want to have access to all of these activities whenever you want, get pros from the area ready to help you move to Dunwoody. They have insurance and have experience dealing with any moving tasks. 

Quality of life in Dunwoody 

You know what you can do in Dunwoody, let’s see how much it costs to live there. Overall it is 40% more expensive to live in Dunwoody than the average of the country. Transportation and housing are the most costly things in Dunwoody. But you will also pay more for groceries and utilities. 

If you want to buy a home in Dunwoody because you want to work on some interior design or have more control of your living situation. It will cost you, on average, 525,000 dollars to buy a home in Dunwoody. But if you are not financially stable enough to take out a mortgage for a house, you can always rent. Rent is between 1300 and 2400 dollars depending on the size of the house. But since you are a couple we recommend renting a two-bedroom for 1600 dollars a month. 

a blue house
Good housing options make Dunwoody one of the best Atlanta suburbs for young couples.

Pick one of the best suburbs for young couples

These are our picks for the best Atlanta suburbs for young couples. They both offer the same things but at slightly different price points. But no matter what your choice is, with your partner by your side, both of you will be happy.