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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Cheap Moving Boxes & Supplies

Moving is expensive. There’s no getting around that. You need to pay for the movers, moving boxes, transportation, and many other things. So, every little bit that you can shave off of that price will help. And buying cheap moving boxes & supplies can help you bring those costs down. There are many ways in which you can save money on moving boxes. From buying used to getting them for free. There are some ways in which you can save money on moving supplies. Beware, as this is one of those lessons you will be able to learn in 15 minutes. Or less.

Buying Cheap Moving Boxes & Supplies for your move

Before you get to actually buying cheap moving boxes & supplies you first need to know exactly what you will need. The best and easiest way to save money is not to buy something you won’t use. So, before you go out shopping for moving supplies make a shopping list. There are some items that you will definitely need. And some that you can live without. You will need:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Air-filled plastic wrap

Other, optional items can include:

  • Moving blankets
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Packing peanuts
A man carrying materials after buying cheap moving boxes & supplies.

Before you start buying cheap moving boxes & supplies, you need to know exactly what you need.

Take a good look at the items you are planning on moving. Make a list of everything and make sure you take measurements. That way you will be able to find affordable packing supplies that you actually need. You can use your towels to further protect your items and replace moving blankets. And you can use plain paper to fill the empty space, so you won’t have to buy packing peanuts. The possibilities are endless. You just need to be little creative.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes are an essential part of any relocation. And those, you will need to get. There are many ways in which you can acquire moving boxes. Both for free and on the cheap side. The first step is to contact your moving company. Many moving companies offer free or affordable moving boxes. Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario, for example, offers affordable and high-quality moving boxes.

A stack of moving boxes.

Finding moving boxes is not difficult, and you just need to be a little bit creative.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can visit a few local hardware stores. The possibility of finding really cheap moving boxes is slim. But you will get the sense of the pricing and offerings. You will then know exactly what to look for.

Search the web for moving boxes

The most important thing to know when looking for moving boxes is what you need. What type of boxes, the size of moving boxes and how many of them. You can never know exactly how many you will need. But you should at least know the approximate amount. It will help you a lot when researching ways of buying cheap moving boxes & supplies. So, get up early in the morning, as that’s when the chance of finding cheap or free moving boxes is the highest. This is a great way of saving money during relocation.

The first place to look, obviously, would be online stores that sell moving boxes. Check out their prices. There are great sales from time to time. And you might be lucky and find one.

The next place to look for moving boxes is Craigslist. A lot of people want to get rid of their moving boxes. Either because they bought more than they need, or because they want to get rid of used moving boxes. That’s a great way to get your hands on really cheap or even free moving boxes. But, it’s important to look for them in the morning. They usually get picked up quickly. If you are not a morning person, you can search for them late at night as well. But the biggest chance of finding them is before 10 AM. Also, you will have the most luck at the end of the weekend or on Monday morning. Most people move during weekends. And they want to get rid of the mess as soon as possible.

Specialized companies

There are a lot of companies that specialize in moving materials. And some of them offer extremely cheap or free moving boxes. Also, these days there are plenty of apps that you can use and where people sell their used stuff, including moving boxes. The Internet is your best friends, so don’t be afraid to utilize its potential.


A laptop on a desk.

The Internet is your best friend when looking for cheap moving boxes & supplies.

Go to a local supermarket

Here’s a smart tip for finding free moving boxes. Supermarkets deal with a lot of boxes. Everything that they sell comes in boxes. And most of those boxes end up in the trash. So, go to a local supermarket and find a friendly employee. Make sure they are not doing anything at the moment and talk to them. Explain to them that you need some moving boxes. Most people are going to be willing to let you go through their pile of used boxes. You can find at least a few boxes that you can use for your relocation.

Buy in bulk

Another way of buying cheap moving boxes & supplies is to buy in bulk. If you are moving at the end of a semester, chances are a lot of other people are moving as well. So, talk to your classmates. They are probably also looking to save some money on moving costs. If enough of you get together, you will be able to buy packing materials in bulk and thus save money on buying cheap moving boxes and supplies.