Suitcase Moving To College Organized Packing

Useful tips before moving to college: How to stay organized

So, the chaos has begun, hasn’t it? You’ve probably got a million things running through your head, hoping to somehow get them done. And, usually, there are a few that you tend to forget in the hurry. As we’ve already written about a number of things, such as dealing with a difficult roommate or solving your college dorm or apartment dilemma, hopefully, it’s not too stressful now. Though, there is another helpful topic which we’ve wanted to cover for some time: how to stay organized. So, here are some useful tips before moving to college regarding the organization.

Before moving to college, to stay organized, you should have a checklist

If you’ve ever moved before, or done any traveling, you’re already familiar with this. Every great move begins with a perfect plan. You may not complete all the steps you scheduled, or you might mix them up a tad, but, that’s alright. So, here’s a useful tip before moving to college: plan accordingly in order to stay organized.

  • Before moving to college you should know what you need to pack

    clothes wardrobe college moving

    A useful tip before moving to college is to purge your belongings!

Here’s a tip regarding how to stay organized before moving to college: purge. We understand that you think that you will need all of your clothes and all of your prized possessions there, but, reconsider. We’d advise placing your clothing into three piles: often, seldom and never. This will certainly help make the choice easier on you. Another thing you might consider doing before bringing all of your books and memorabilia with you to college is the size of your accommodations. If you’re moving into a college dorm at uni, you won’t be able to take everything you want with you. In order to stay organized before moving to college, be firm and choose wisely. On the other hand, if you will be staying at a college apartment, consider the amount of space available and if you will have a roommate from a college in the apartment, as well.

  • If you want to stay organized when moving to college, pack like a pro

We all know that life as a college student means saving every penny. So, here are some useful tips on how to pack for relocation to college which will help you both cut the cost and stay organized during the move:

  • Get creative when obtaining your boxes before moving to college – local stores might be happy to give you their excess cardboard boxes.
    suitcase moving to college organized packing

    If you’re packing into a suitcase when moving to college, keep a list of items that you put inside in order to stay organized.

  • Instead of bubble wrap, use your clothes – this will save you quite a bit of money. Though, don’t forget to quickly jot down the items you’ve placed inside with a sharpie. This little trick will help you stay organized during your move to college.
  • To be on the safe side, separate your valuables before moving to college – we also advise that you keep them with you during the relocation. Once you get settled in, be sure to put them in a safe place, in order to stay organized.

Before moving to college you should make plans for the future

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ questions. These are some more tips on staying organized, in the big picture. Moving to college is only one part of the deal, isn’t it? The second part is staying organized during your uni life. So, let us give you some tips on what you can do before moving to college in order to stay on schedule afterward.

  • If you want to stay organized in college – have a planner

    stay organized before moving to college

    Keeping a planner before moving to college will make staying organized as easy as pie!

Only one. Yes, we do mean that. It can be an app or an actual paper version, but only one. After all, once you start writing down your tasks and obligations, you will eventually forget to put them in both planners at some point. This little book/app will also come in handy before moving to college. If you want to stay organized, we suggest that you write down your short checklist. On a daily basis, scratch over the tasks you’ve finished and rewrite those you haven’t. Though, if you really want to stay organized before moving to college, we advise that you don’t postpone what can be done.

  • Staying on track takes five minutes every evening – write a list

At the end of the day, usually before sleep, you think of tomorrow at least briefly, right? Well, that is the perfect time for a short to-do list. If you have a small whiteboard or a mirror, a whiteboard marker to-do list is always a five-minute job. Though it might seem silly, it is a very useful tip for keeping organized in college. Also, it is great during your moving process, as well. It will help you stay on track with your checklist and remind you of any big things that you need to do throughout the day.

And finally, here are some useful tips for staying organized that you should know before moving to college

  • Phone reminders are a thing – don’t be afraid to use them in order to keep organized before and after moving to college
  • Sundays are for planning – take an hour off. Sit down once a week and write things down into your planner. It doesn’t take too much time, trust us. Also, it will help you stay organized.
  • If you’re using a planner book – ‘days before it’s due’ system will help you stay organized. Here’s how it works. Use a red pen to mark the day your task is due. Then, use the blue to write the same task two days ahead. Black can be for three to five days ahead. And, finally, green can be for six to nine days ahead. Of course, feel free to switch up the colors according to your preferences. This is a sure method that will keep you organized before moving to college. Also, it will help you keep track of your assignments during your years as a student. After all, you won’t be surprised by a task which you can see ten days ahead in your planner, right?