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Ways to go green in your dorm room

Moving into a college is exciting, fun, emotional, hard – it is a new chapter in life. You will spend a lot of time in a dorm room and if you are thinking green and you are eco-friendly, it is normal to continue that lifestyle in a college too. There are many different ways to go green in your dorm room and that is also a great way to save money. It is a well-known fact that most students need to save money during college-life, so besides saving the Earth, you will also help yourself survive during college.

Tips to go green in your dorm room

Don’t stop only by making your dorm room eco-friendly, you can also have an eco-friendly move. If you moved out of your parent’s house, it does not mean you should change your lifestyle and believes. Here are some tips that may give you some ideas to continue your eco-friendly life.

Ways to go green in your dorm room.

College dorm rooms are usually small, but it should not stop you to go green in your dorm room

Go paperless

Of course, students need a lot of papers, but try to minimize the usage and use the laptop for saving your books, notebooks, etc. More and more students are using laptops instead of papers, and it is better because you will save a lot of trees this way.

Reusable water bottles

Big bottles that you can refill with water are a better option for the environment. Generally speaking, we all need to reduce plastic usage, because plastic needs a lot of time to dispose of in nature. Also, try to pay attention to how much water you are spending. For example, don’t leave the sink on while brushing your teeth.


Recycle any recyclable items in your dorm room even if your college does not offer these services. Be a hero, try to convince your college camp to organize recycling.

Buy used items

New does not mean better – try to find used items and to give them “life” again. This will also save you a lot of money because used items are cheaper. Find simple decoration ideas and make your college dorm room a paradise for relaxing and studying.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

Instead of using light bulbs of 60-70W, buy light bulbs of 5 or 7W. It is better for your wallet and energy. Also, don’t leave the light on when there is no need to. During the day, use natural light – it is free.

Studying in the park.

Study outside and use natural light. After all, the Sun gives and vitamin D and make us feel happier

Unplug electronics when don’t use them

When you are not charging your phone or laptop, unplug the charger because it is still using electric energy. Also, put the laptop on sleep mode because the screen saver won’t save energy. To go green in your dorm room you should make small steps, but those small steps can be a lot for our Earth. Besides that, try to use appliances that are eco-friendly and that saves energy.