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What to ask your dorm room movers before hiring them – Georgia edition

Hiring movers is necessary before you decide to move, obviously. But many people tend not to recognize some red flags when it comes to choosing a moving company or are too shy to ask questions about their process of relocating customers. To avoid any potential problems, we need to explore in this guide what to ask your dorm room movers before you decide to hire them. So, without further ado, let’s begin asking some questions and answering them!

Are there any hidden costs that I have to be aware of?

This is a classic mistake. Some so-called moving companies have hidden costs that can overinflate the expected cost of the move. This is why it is important to ask your potential movers if they have some hidden costs.

Hidden costs may vary in nature, and this is why it is important to explore if there are some hidden costs that you aren’t aware of. We recommend exploring on your own if there are some unexpected costs with that moving company. You can do that by going online and checking reviews of a moving company in question. Try to find a moving company that is reliable.

Do you have your own packing supplies or do I have to get my own?

Some moving companies have their own packing materials, and some don’t. This is the choice of a moving company, and it is totally valid. However, sometimes the moving company won’t tell you if they have packing supplies or not.

Box on a pavement.
Ask your dorm room movers if they have their own packing materials.

Ask them this question to know how to prepare for your move. If the moving company in question doesn’t have their own packing supplies, you have to somehow get your own packing materials. Thankfully, packing for college is easy. You can simply go to the nearest supermarket and get what you need. Packing materials are usually not that expensive unless you have some special items you have to move with you.

Is my move insured?

Most moving companies have insurance, but that insurance usually covers just a part of the value of the things that are being moved. This is why it is so important to know what insurance options they offer, and how you can get the insurance that you want.

Dorm room movers carrying boxes.
You should ask your dorm room movers about your insurance.

Many people think that an accident won’t happen to them until it happens. This is why you have to know what kind of insurance you have, and what you can have. So, feel free to ask your movers about available insurance options for your move.

Do they have a storage?

Sometimes you might need to get a safe storage unit as a student. And sometimes it can happen that the moving company already has storage of their own. This will save you time because you won’t search for storage if they have their own already. Good luck with finding the right dorm room movers!