Who To Notify That You Are Moving

Moving advice: who to notify that you are moving

Our dear perspective college students (or recent graduates) we have given you a lot of helpful advice when it comes to college moving. From moving in with someone new to tips about avoiding mistakes when moving. By now, you sure think that you know it all. Well, sorry to disappoint you, there is still more to learn. In this article, we have decided to inform you about who to notify that you are moving. We are sure that you are confused now. You had no idea that there could be such a long list of people. Well, there is. So, let’s get started.

These days putting a status on Facebook seems like enough – everyone knows what is happening with your life. But, although very useful, this doesn’t begin to cover it. We do live in the digital era, but just like with everything else, you need to leave a paper trail. In addition to this, going away to college is an important step. Chances are there are many people that will miss you. You will probably forget about a few people or institutions, that is why we are here. Kick back and take notes on who to notify that you are moving.

  1. Let’s start with the obvious – friends and family!

who to notify that you are moving. - tips and tricks

Throw a farewell party to let everyone know that you are moving

When it comes to who to notify that you are moving you should, of course, start with people closest to you. All of them should know your new address, as well as your phone number. You wouldn’t make a mistake if you take some time explaining to them how to get there. When it comes to family you should notify even people you don’t see so often. You never know when they might need you or you might need them. You should expect to get the same treatment.

In addition to just notifying them, you should consider throwing a farewell party, especially if you are moving far away. That is the best way to spend a little bit of time with everyone. No one will feel neglected, and you won’t spend weeks saying goodbye.

2. Notify your employer or organizations you are a part of

Before moving, especially going to college, you will have to cut ties, and not just in an emotional way. There are people that are counting on you, and you shouldn’t let them down. That is why they are important to consider when you think about who to notify that you are moving. Give them all a fair warning and at least a month notice. Finish up your projects, and pass your knowledge to your successor. You will feel much more relieved when the moving day comes.

This also goes for your landlord, in case that you have one. Give them enough courtesy not to drop the bomb unannounced, considering that you would expect the same for them. If you are able to do it, find someone to replace you. That will make the transition much easier.

3. Have in mind laws and rules when it comes to who to notify that you are moving

Previous two were just a suggestion, that comes with no legal binds. But, you got to start somewhere. After all the arrangements for your move are complete, there are institutions you need to notify. It will require a lot of waiting and lines and paperwork, but it is also necessary. Here is a list of everyone you should have in mind:

  • Post Office – if you want to make sure that your new address is properly updated and visible to everyone, change it in the post office. You don’t even need to go there physically, you can do it online, on their websites. They will also provide you with a very useful service. They will forward all of your mail that goes to the wrong address to your new one, free of charge.
  • Insurance –  All of the companies that provide you with any type of insurance need to be properly informed about your change in address. Have in mind that these changes usually have to be done in person. Also, depending on where you move, your fee might change due to the move.
  • Driver’s license – It is of the utmost importance to take care of this as soon as possible. You can have as much as 30 and as little as 10 days to update your license. If you are not sure how to do that, you can find useful information here.
  • Social Security and IRS – both of these institutions need to be informed that your address was changed and in a timely manner. The good news is that you can do it online, and save yourself the trip.
  • Healthcare providers – this can only be done after your move, but it is also very important. If you do this correctly, you can have all of your medical records in the same place, where you will start receiving your care. Although it’s a nag to do it, it can literally save your life.
  • Everyone who bills you –  this is a long list of banks, cell service providers, subscriptions etc. If you want your bills to come to the right place, you need to keep on your list of people to notify about the address change. Have in mind, if the bills get lost and you have to pay the interest, it will be your fault.
who to notify that you are moving

Moving means telling a lot of people that you did it

There are many boring parts of the move, even if you are going to college. But taking this step means being responsible, in more ways than one. It will require a lot of time and perhaps an endless pile of papers,  but at least there is a party included. Don’t let important things pass by undetected just because you forgot to tell someone that you are moving. Keep in mind that there can be serious financial repercussions if you don’t do everything by the book. Take some time and starting going thourgh the list of who to notify that you are moving.