Help Your New Roommate Move In

Why and how to help your new roommate move in

Moving in with a roommate whether it be into a college dorm or an apartment is both exciting and very stressful. Especially if having a long-distance move like most students do. There are plenty of young people moving from one state to another in order to go to a good college. As this could be your first time moving, you might not know just what it takes and how stressful it can be. Getting assistance is necessary but you and your roommate can help each other out with the moving process as well. But just how to help your new roommate move in? What is something that you can do to make the process easier for both of you? Here is where you can read some very useful professional tips.

Move in one at a time

Moving into an apartment or the dorm one at a time is the best thing you can do. This way it is going to be a lot easier as it won’t be so messy. It is best to move in one by one and leave a couple of days in between your move-ins. This is how the move-in process will be less messy and easier to handle as you will be able to move into a home when your roommate is already unpacked or vice versa.

Person using laptop.
Moving in first and then helping your roommate move in is the best way to make moving less stressful.

If you were to move in the same day, it would just be very messy. A lot of boxes everywhere, lots of movers going through your home. If moving into a dorm room, have in mind that dorm rooms are usually very small and that there won’t be enough space for the both of you to unpack at the same time.

Help your roommate unpack

If you are the first one moving into the home or the dorm, this means that you will be able to assist your roommate with unpacking. Unpacking is the worst part of moving as it can get very messy. It is also a long process to unpack everything and place it where you believe is the best place for it.

Packed box.
Helping your new roommate unpack is a good way to bond.

But it is also one of the more fun parts of moving. This is when you get to organize your future home the way you want to. Have in mind that everyone has a different taste hence why you have to agree on some things you might not be very happy about but your roommate will too. Living with somebody means compromising and this is the best way to bond with your roommate. Avoid conflict over these little things because it is pointless to fight, especially when you two just started living together.

Work together

If you want to help your new roommate move in you have to work together. Unpacking one room at a time is the best thing to do. This way the process will be less messy and you will finish the job faster. If moving in with two roommates, you will certainly have a harder time unpacking but using these same tips will help.