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Why are NYC students moving to New Jersey after graduation

One might think that living in The Big Apple would mean that you’re actually living the dream. But definitely, not all NYC students think so. Some are even considering moving into a tiny apartment in Jersey and start again from scratch, just so that they can get their independence. This is pretty understandable after over two decades of following the same set of rules their parents established under the roof that once provided an indispensable shelter to them. So why are NYC students moving to New Jersey after graduation? We`ll try to point out the most common reasons that our readers are suggesting.

Quieter neighborhoods

Beginnings are always tough. It can either be because you are leaving every piece of your reality behind. It might be the fact that you need to start fresh all over again. Even both of them altogether. There has been observed a new pattern which is in trend nowadays, that NYC students moving to New Jersey after they graduate.

A boulevard with many yellow cabs and people next to a pedestrian crossing.
New York City is overwhealmingly crowded, which makes NJ a greater alternative.

After being on a constant partying mode for 3 to 4 years, all you`re craving for is some peace and quiet. You will for sure be in search of your inner self, and prefer meditation and being zen instead of going out 24/7. Transfer only your good habits from NY to NJ. And also make the choice to transfer your items from the Big Apple easily by hiring a trusted and professional moving company.

Coastal fun

NYC students moving to New Jersey often do it because of the great variety of entertainment they can find here. Atlantic City is one of the hotspots for nightlife. In case you have some cash in your pockets, you might also want to hire a realtor when buying your first apartment. It`s not like you`re buying a condo every day.

So make sure you benefit from someone`s expertise when making the decision to do so. This is because, as much as you have an opinion already, you should know exactly what it is all about. Sometimes, even if it is a bit more pricy, having a professional piece of advice will provide some extra odds in your favor. There will be time for parties later.

Culture infusion

NJ is also a very popular state in the world of art lovers and connoisseurs. There are so many ways to kill some time while also depositing some precious information inside your mental drawers. You have so many museums and art galleries in here, that you should really take advantage of the opportunity.

Not to mention also some well-preserved castles. Mont Orgueil Castle and Elizabeth Castle, both with a great view of the ocean as well. Also, there are some popular theaters in the area. So try and make an effort to also feed your passions post-work, as tired as you are.

The ocean calls

With almost 200 km of coastline, Jersey is a real have-it-all state. And of course, it doesn`t lack beaches. Actually, they are considered to be some of the best on the East Coast. So either you`re going to relax by reading a book or just going for a tan, you`ll for sure be mesmerized by the view.

Pleasing nature lovers as well

NYC students moving to New Jersey after graduation is not uncommon because of the choice of scenery. This is a true paradise for nature lovers, given the fact that Jersey is not called The Garden State for nothing. It really is a great combination of city life, green, beaches, and oceans. Kind of reminding us of those childhood video games when we were able to build our own cities on our own terms.

A road on the coastline with NYC students moving to New Jersey
Some walking meditation down the shoreline is the best antidote for stress.

Except for the fact that here somebody did all the proper resource allocation already. It really seems like everything is in perfect harmony in this state. The way that they don`t lack any of the relevant characteristics of an appealing area. It is really a fresh breeze for your lungs and for your mind also.

Still in “the zone”

Moving from NY to NJ is definitely not a step back. The proximity to big cities like D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburg, and even New York, makes this new choice of residency to be an ideal combination of the abovementioned factors, without losing the multitude of job opportunities that those hotspots provide.

A lot of successful businesses in New York are being taken care of from outside of the Big Apple. This is very motivating proof that business is not about location, but about strategy and the level of commitment.

Cost of living

NYC students moving to New Jersey after graduation is definitely a result of the much more affordable way of living in NJ. It is a fact that the cost of living in Trenton is way cheaper than in NY, with an overall of 21%. Rent is 19% less in The Garden State, groceries almost 27%, with countless possibilities and opportunities in both of the states.

If the migration from one state to another idea is still active inside your head, there is still time to contact Ample Moving NJ in order for them to help you with the transportation of your belongings.

U.S. East Coast map, showing the proximity between NJ and NY.
Relocating to NJ gives you quieter neighborhoods without getting too far away from the place the magic happens.

Whichever of the above-mentioned reasons is the one you`re doing it for, make sure you consider all of the aspects. In case your budget is a bit tight and you have to compromise for a few months and rent a small place, make sure to take a look at some simple storage solutions for your dorm room to help you out.

This small guide for NYC students moving to New Jersey could really work wonders if space is a problem. So, instead of planning hard, try and plan smart. It will represent a precedent for you, and next time you`ll be facing this challenge again you will already have all the answers in your system, as a default setting.